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Movie Night

Movie is picked in advanced, the kids will get to move mats to create their own lounging situation. After the movie, kids will get a slice of pizza, soda and popcorn.

DIY Craft
Craft Night

Includes a quick warm up
30 minutes structured gymnastics
15 minutes free time 
45 minutes crafts
15 minutes snack and clean up

Game Night

Games Include:

Hide And Go Seek.,
Volley Ball,
Lovers Leap,
and Color Tag.

Nerf Darts_edited.jpg
Nerf Night

You bring the Nerf Blasters

We supply the Darts

Players will be broken up into teams

Round played until last team standing or 10 minutes has lapsed

Teams will be eliminated, Tournament Style

Silly Olympics

Takes Place on April 1st,

Participants can expect to engage in modified versions of traditional Olympic sports as well as unique, imaginative activities that will make the event truly entertaining and memorable.

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