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We offer a variety of competitive programs for athletes 6-18 years old.

All teams are invitation only.



Pre-team is an accelerated gymnastics program for girls starting at the age of 4. The program meets multiple times a week and is offered to children who demonstrate early indications of success in the sport of gymnastics. These indicators may include above-average strength, flexibility, coordination, self-discipline and enthusiasm. Our goal for Pre-Team is to prepare the athlete for competitive team in the future.

This program is invitation only.



The Compulsory program consists of the lower levels of the USAG Developmental Program. This program is designed to develop exemplary basic skills to progress their gymnastics for the future levels.

Group of girls sitting in circle
Four girls standing side by side


Our Optionals consists of the upper levels of USA Gymnastics' optional program. The Optional program allows gymnasts to showcase their individual strengths and style through Individualized routines.

Girl Giving High FIve

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The Xcel Program is unique as it offers more flexibility, allowing all levels to have individualized routines. This allows gymnasts to showcase their strengths and abilities while still working on improving their weaknesses.

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