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Welcome to Peak Gymnastics, the premier choice for gymnastics and tumbling in Dutchess County. At Peak, we go beyond being a gymnastics facility; we're a community that caters to athletes of all ages and skill levels, from toddlers through adults. Whether you're a recreational gymnast seeking enjoyment and new skills or a dedicated team athlete chasing your dreams, our cutting-edge facility in Poughkeepsie is the ideal destination for you.

Our team of experienced coaches is devoted to guiding athletes towards their full potential in the exciting realms of gymnastics and tumbling. With a diverse range of programs and classes, tailored to individual goals and interests, we create a positive and nurturing environment for everyone. From toddler classes to beginner through advanced gymnastics and even adult and tumbling classes, Peak Gymnastics is designed for all.

Discover the joy of gymnastics and tumbling at Peak Gymnastics, Poughkeepsie's hub for excellence. Join us as we soar to new heights together, making the world of gymnastics easily accessible right in your local community

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